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The three-dimensionality of the Universe : a reason for the existence of chemists and beyondCaruso., F.Brasil. Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações (MCTIC); Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF)A general sketch of how the problem of space dimensionality depends on Anthropic arguments is presented. In particular, the influence of three-dimensionality on the stability of the solar system and on the origin of life on Earth is reviewed. A new constraint on space dimensionality and on its invariance in a very large time and spatial scales is proposed.
Time and space deformations in special relativity and measuring unitsde Oliveira., Alfredo MarquesCentro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF)Change of clock rates and the deformation of solid bodies following relativistic transformation between inertial reference systems are discussed under the principles of the physical theory of measurements. Both, time dilation and contraction of rods, are interpreted as being the result of measurements done under different unit standards rather than as a consequence of any physical action born in relative motion. The choice of units is not arbitrary but fixed by metric information contained in a light signal observed under the conditions of the transverse Doppler effect.